Painless-Universal Wiring Harness - TEST Harness

Painless-Universal Wiring Harness - TEST Harness
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Painless-Universal Wiring Harness - TEST Harness
Painless-Universal Wiring Harness - TEST Harness
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Painless-Universal Wiring Harness - TEST Harness

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Information and parts for a painless wiring solution to many electrical problems found in Chinese Engines or a test harness solution for repair shops to help diagnose electrical repairs.

Pay attention here and make sure you view all exploded pictures for a complete understanding of what I am trying to tell you here.

Wiring setups for most Chinese Engines are very simple as you  will find upon reading the following information.

1. MOST stators use the same wire colors terminating or going to the same electrical components.

2. MYTH BUSTER #1-- You do not need a 12 volt source or battery to make a Chinese Engine fire and run. 

3. From top left to top right in picture. Stator Magneto OUR part # SM272-02, SM272-17, SM272-03, SM272-05, SM272-10 ;  These stators are the most popular stators used in 50cc, 70cc, 90cc, 100cc, 110cc, 125cc, and some 150cc Chinese Engines or Honda Copy Engines.

4. We have put together a simple wiring harness for our repair shop to test engines when arriving in our shop with electrical problems such as NO-SPARK. This harness use our 5-Pin CDI (Part# CD270-03), our Ignition Coil (Part# IC289-06), our Kill Switch (Part# KS424-11). Our part numbers are searchable in the search box on top of every page.

5. We have successfully fired every engine with this painless wire harness that uses the above STATOR MAGNETOS listed or pictured.

6. THE KEY-- The above Stator Magnetos are wired as follows: ALL use green wire as ground (again the stators are wired this way), So pay attention here: GREEN=GROUND, BLUE/WHITE=PICKUP COIL (signals the CDI when to fire the coil when the magnet comes past it.) BLACK/RED=CHARGE COIL (charges the ignition coil or provides the voltage for the ignition coil- ALSO the reason NO battery is needed.) Did you ever wonder why the Honda Mini Dirt Bikes or Older ATC models do not have batteries???

7. Here is the painless harness wiring setup (view harness picture without the stators included). From left to right: White plastic plug - plugs right into our 5-pin CDI, Center wires plug into the above listed STATOR MAGNETOS, wire colors are BLUE/WHITE=PICKUP COIL, BLACK/RED=CHARGE COIL, and GREEN=GROUND. These wires will match the colors on above pictured, listed stators. Moving onto the right side harness wires are: BLACK/YELLOW=Ignition Coil + and Green with ring terminal is ground that is attached to mounting bolts of the Ignition coil.  The remaining GREEN and BLACK/WHITE of course plug into the KILL SWITCH.

That's it! This painless wiring harness will FIRE all engines that use the above pictured Stator Magnetos because we have done it and tested it on engines in our repair shop!

Repair shops can add this inexpensive diagnostic tool to their tool boxes and save time and save money.  No meters or other test equipment needed!

Taking a kid riding on a planned trail ride trip??  Place one of these in your tool box to keep that kid riding.  Keep a painless harness with all components plugged in and ready as backup to keep that Kid moving.  It is no fun when forced to park the kids machine and have him climb on your machine due to his handlebar switch or key switch frying.  Some riding parks do not allow riders or passengers.  Get your spare now today for your tool box! I will not leave home without one in my spare parts box!

There will be a yellow and or white wire that is not used coming from the stators.  You guessed right-- those not-used wires are the charging system that integrates with the voltage regulator for charging machines with BATTERIES AND LIGHTS.

NOTES: There are several components that can cause NO-SPARK such as faulty key switches, faulty handlebar main switches, kickstand safety switches, faulty kill switches, faulty CDIs, faulty ignition coils, faulty pickup coils or charging coils on stators, faulty remote control kill boxes etc etc. This harness helps narrow down the testing and finding of faulty components.

I am the responsible technical support person that fields hundreds of calls about swapping our new engines such as replacing a 110cc Chinese ATV Engine with a 125cc Chinese Engine.  The stators are different or have different plug-ins that do not match existing wire harness on the machine. This painless harness or wiring color information above SOLVES all those kind of technical support requests and gets that new engine firing and running.  Do you want to install a New Chinese Engine in that old tired Honda Mini Trail or Honda Motorcycle?  Here is the information you have been searching for!!

IF purchasing harness ONLY, make sure you use KNOWN good CDIs, Coils, Stators, and kill switches with this painless harness.